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Bounty Hunter Coin

Establish a DeFi smart contract platform that is fully protected and operated by the global encryption communities, the most inclusive everyone can participate, to decentralize finance Inclusive and win-win as the goal

What is DeFi

DeFi (Decentralized Finance) is often called: distributed finance, open finance or decentralized finance. Their vision is to build a decentralized bank in the crypto world, where users can mortgage crypto assets to obtain financial interest, and they can also pay interest to borrow crypto assets.

About us

As the world becomes more and more digital, cryptocurrency is the next natural step in currency development; therefore, with the accelerated development of cryptocurrency, DeFi is also decentralized finance A development trend. BHC is the first DeFi platform cryptocurrency from ordinary people that is completely created by a globally dispersed autonomous crypto community, and represents an important step in the adoption of DeFi in the global crypto community.

BHC is the first DeFi+NFT open financial ecosystem with no private equity, no pre-mining, and completely spontaneous, autonomous and self-led by the global crypto community. This is a blockchain movement initiated by the global crypto community. , This is also a brand new global crypto community experiment, and pays tribute to Satoshi Nakamoto.


Technical problems solved by BHC

At present, the DeFi market is mixed with fish and dragons, seriously ignoring that the core is community traffic + consensus, and the pattern of oligopoly and monopoly still exists. The Pi Network native community group, which focuses on a strong consensus and large ecology, has the strongest enterprising innovation, the spirit of equality and freedom. It will be based on the community and establish a community DeFi platform that truly meets the needs of the bottom layer, so that everyone in the community can be the master, without oligopoly and monopoly exploitation, and a high degree of community autonomy.

Development plan

Currently in the creation period of the community initiated, and then as the DeFi development is completed, BHC liquidity mining will be started, reaching 100,000 + community participation, the layout of the NFT ecology (bounty hunter game ecological development), and the start of NFT secondary mining Mine, ETH-BHC-NFT triangle delta cycle intergrowth and harmony.


the first stage

The Tianqi community was established in early 2019, and the community size reached 50,000+ in early 2020. In the first half of 2020, BHC’s DeFi liquidity mining project architecture planning and planning will be started, and smart contract codes will be synchronized. Technology development is expected to be completed in mid-October 2020, and UNISWAP can be launched at any time.


The second stage

For the follow-up code audit and docking with Beijing Lian'an Network Technology Co., Ltd., see the audit report at the top of the official website.


The third stage

The content of the BHC official website is basically the basic project information, theme direction, core features, release plan, vision, timeline planning and airdrop window, etc., in the intensive optimization design, October 2020 The first edition was completed in the middle.


The fourth stage

The BHC foundation and the Asia-Pacific dedicated domain name have been registered simultaneously in early October 2020. The three-letter domain name, and the subsequent handover optimization design, will be launched one after another according to the progress of the project and community development.


The fifth stage

The global crypto community airdrop will be launched in early November 2020, with a goal of 100,000+ community building and 10,000+ addresses, and the global blockchain vertical media will be announced simultaneously.


The sixth stage

Start BHC’s DeFi liquidity mining gameplay in the early stage, follow-up layout planning DeFi+NFT non-homogeneous token ecological gameplay, and develop NFT secondary mining and a card game ( The name is Bounty Hunter), the characters in it will design NFT cards and pre-sell them, and they can use BHC to purchase them as collateral, mortgage mining or auction. The planning time starts in early 2021.


The seventh stage

Increase stablecoins, other mainstream currency trading pairs except ETH, increase cross-chain gameplay and provide greater liquidity operations. This part will follow up at any time and there is no specific timetable.


The eighth stage

Currency trading on centralized exchanges. After steadily operating in the community, as the traffic consensus heats up, it will connect to suitable exchanges at any time according to the situation to increase transaction operability and BHC flow At the end of December 2020, at least 1-2 small and medium-sized exchanges will be listed.


The Ninth Stage

DeFi aggregator multi-ecological development plan, DeFi+Games, DeFi+Oracle, DeFi+Loan, DeFi+Insurance, DeFi+Asset Management, etc., to put more institutional assets that prefer stability Draining into the BHC market, adding a stable background to the BHC market, highlighting the financial characteristics of the BHC market, this is the long-term development vision of BHC, diversified and multi-ecological integration symbiosis development.

BHC's DAO governance model

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    DAO short for Decentralized Autonomous Organization. In the blockchain system, it refers to an organization that uses smart contracts as a platform to govern, operate and maintain a certain system operation. Because it uses smart contracts as a platform, its execution process is open, fair, transparent, and irreversible, and it can achieve effects and trust that humans cannot achieve in a centralized way to manage organizations in real life, so it is favored and respected by many people.

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    In the subsequent DAO governance, tokens can not only be used as voting rights, but may also be used as a certificate of benefit sharing to participate in the huge dividends generated by the project. The BHC creation liquidity is provided by the creation team. When the overall liquidity fund pool develops steadily, the creation team will gradually delegate the liquidity to the entire encrypted community, and the community will be the owner of the operation. Of course, the liquidity must be provided by holding BHC Of the holders.

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    Open more stable coins, and other mainstream coins except ETH provide cross-chain operations to increase liquidity. During the period of rapid development, voting will even be adopted. Only when the number of votes reaches a certain threshold, the transaction pair is allowed to provide fluidity. The introduced BHC voting mechanism gives an innovative governance method, which is decided by community voting.

BHC economic system + token distribution

Scarce and easy to take, scattered + uniform

The economic model of fixed Bitcoin + deflation has given successors a basis for continuous imitation and innovation. To pay tribute to Satoshi Nakamoto Bitcoin,A fixed total of 100,000 BHC

In order to strike a balance between scarcity and accessibility, and to ensure that a large number of individuals will not accumulate in the hands of a very small number of individuals, community-based, the creation team formed by enthusiasts in the global crypto community only accounts for 10% (including providing DeFi Early liquidity, technology development and operation, etc.), much lower than Pi Network’s 25% developer reward.

Any real individual can obtain his own BHC through BHC liquidity mining. There is no threshold. As long as the basic expenditure of ETH miner fees is met, they can freely participate and make progress. Among them, 5% is set as the airdrop share of the global encrypted community. Any natural person who enters BHC to participate in liquidity mining and subsequent ecological construction has a probability of receiving BHC airdrop rewards. In addition, there is 5% as a long-term incentive + dividend for the contribution of the global crypto community. The remaining 80%, of which 50% is the BHC liquid mining part, and 30% is reserved for ecological development needs such as NFT. The proportion of all plans is fixed, can be checked on the chain, and can be monitored by the global community.